dive center icon Dive Center

Our diving center is one of the first Dive Centers in Istria and the first in Poreč with a tradition of over 50 years!


We are equipped with two Bauer compressors which have the capacity of producing 400 litres of air per minute. Also, we are equipped with multiple air reservoirs with the capacity to fill 600 litres under 200 bars of pressure. Diving tanks (bottles) are filled in a tub of cold water.

We have 20 full sets of standard equipment (for adults and kids) for independent scuba diving along with 25 air bottles. Guests who wish to dive over an extended period of days can leave their equipment in our storage area. We have hot and cold water showers at the disposal of our customers, as well as a large tank filled with freshwater for the purpose of rinsing and cleaning scuba equipment.

Diving Center Poreč exterior

dive center icon Diving School

We are a licensed SSI icon (Scuba Schools International) Diving School where you can quickly, easily and simply learn to dive, or improve on your diving skills and knowledge of recreational and professional diving.

Professional instructors with the SSI icon license will help you through each stage of the courses, in a safe and fun environment so that you can meet the fascinating underwater world. At the diving school you can, depending on your ability and wishes, participate in a number of different courses available with SSI and CMAS.

It's important to underline that the diving takes place under strict safety regulations and can be stoped if the subject trainee is not both mentally and physically ready.

Diving School Poreč Certificate

dive excursions icon DIVING EXCURSIONS

dive excursions icon Regular excursions

Excursion dives are executed in shallow waters ranging from 5 to 39 metres in depth. In our region, the best diving experience is achieved at depths between 17 to 25 metres.

You can choose the diving spot from our wide selection of checked areas. Before undertaking the excursion, we always take in consideraton both underwater visibility and weather conditions to avoid potential risks and/or disappointment.

Diving Excursions in Poreč

dive excursions icon Coastline excursions

Diving excursions, which originate from the coastline near our Diving Center, are also possible.

The maximum depth is of coastline excursions is 12 meters.

This is a great way to practice various elements of scuba diving and checking equipment. This is also an obligatory dive if you are diving for the first time in the open sea.

Coastline Diving Excursions in Poreč

special dives icon  Special diving excursions

Special diving excursions, such as visiting the sunken ship "Coriollanus" or diving into the underwater caves at the islet of Banjole, as well as night diving, must be booked a day in advance, and are dependent on the number of divers interested.

Coastline Diving Excursions in Poreč

location icon LOCATION


Our diving centre is located in the Plava Laguna Resort, just outside the town of Poreč. Poreč is located on the western coast of the Istrian peninsula (Croatia) and as such, has access to the northern part of the Adriatic Sea where we dive.

Our dives take place in and around shoals and sandbanks surrounded by deeper waters, located 10 to 30 minutes away from our diving center, and are reached courtesy of the centre's own boat.


We are open every day from the beginning of April until the end of October. We organize dives even out that period but only by means of advanced notification and booking.


Accommodation is available in the Poreč area and wider. There are many hotels, villas, holiday villages, campsites and private accommodation units. In our immediate vicinity is situated the Hotel Galijot, as well as holiday apartments and villas of Galijot and Bellevue. Private accommodations are available both in the Poreč & Vrsar area.